Building Artisan Commands


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Anonymous at 16:05 on 31 Aug 2013

When I heard Taylor was going to do a talk about Artisan, I was at first a little disappointed - I expected more meat. However, Taylor delivered a talk explaining some deeper aspects of artisan tasks and some capabilities that I wasn't aware of. Good job! Criticisms - none, really. Taylor clearly feels comfortable on stage.

A great talk Taylor although I must admit I was expecting to see a little deeper into Artisan commands. The talk seemed to focus on commands only briefly and then focus more on queues. This wasn't particularly a bad thing, it was just something I noticed.

Talk was good. Would've ideally liked a talk on a different (more technical maybe) topic from the *creator* of Laravel, but ignoring my personal wishes, the talk went really well and there's nothing I can say against it.

Something for Taylor: I hear stuff like this not too seldomly, "Oh this feature is kind of new, or unexplained". Well, that goes for a lot in Laravel, as the docs usually just explain a specific function, not really explaining what you can do with them. I wish the docs / Laravel to be more "suggestive" within the docs. I know you can read the core, but to grow the community around Laravel even more, the docs need to be more like: "functions + examples" in order to lead and guide people into the greatness of Laravel. The talk grasped only the surface, of just one small part of Laravel, so does the Docs. Okay, enough bash! It WAS a great talk and I enjoyed it very much!

Anonymous at 18:29 on 1 Sep 2013

A great talk for someone like me who never even used Laravel before, sounded interesting and something I will get my hands dirty in trying. Well done! :)

Anonymous at 19:49 on 6 Sep 2013

Very bad choice of topic.. Extremely poor choice...