HTTP and Your Angry Dog


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Anonymous at 14:43 on 31 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 14:43 on 31 Aug 2013

corgis + http = <3

Anonymous at 14:44 on 31 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 14:44 on 31 Aug 2013

interesting topic. The lecturer have good presentational skills.

Anonymous at 14:45 on 31 Aug 2013

Learned quite a bit from this talk. Things I never new existed.

well done, very instructive talk

Anonymous at 14:52 on 31 Aug 2013

Nice talk. Just why is everyone using dogs or cats in his presentation?

Anonymous at 16:04 on 31 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 16:23 on 31 Aug 2013

enjoyable. good knowledge

Really good talk Ross. You really can handle a stage.

Probably my favourite talk of the conference, because the content was so fresh. There's so much about the HTTP protocol I clearly had no idea bout, which I feel I can now use to my advantage in building better APIs. My only qualm and concern, was earlier on in the talk the speaker seemed a bit nervous, but as the talk went on Ross clearly became more comfortable and settled into a a good pace and medium. Well done.

Ross, you did great! Impressive speech with interesting topic, which have extended my views towards HTTP. cheers! and thanks a lot for sharing with us all.

Great talk, nuff said.

We take HTTP for granted, but probably shouldn't. Great talk!

Anonymous at 18:27 on 1 Sep 2013

Not much to add that hasn't been said.
Great topic, great delivery and pacing.
Excellent job.