Laravel Testing Tips, Techniques and Pitfalls


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Anonymous at 18:08 on 30 Aug 2013

Really great talk - Jeffrey you have a natural on-stage persona that shows. Excellent communication, good pace. Just unfortunate about your videos not working :(

Awesome talk. Very clear to understand, perfectly paced. Great introduction to testing.

Anonymous at 01:24 on 31 Aug 2013

Great talk with some humour mixed in. Engaging and just the information someone who is just getting into testing needs - Really good talk at any PHP conference really, we need more tests!! :D

Anonymous at 11:57 on 31 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 12:22 on 31 Aug 2013

Need to tdd your presentation :-) Good content and delivery though.

Anonymous at 14:50 on 31 Aug 2013

the lecturer is good, with good presentational skills. My mark is 3 just because I already listen almost the same lecture from the same lecturer on the previous Laravel Conf. He could prepare something that he didn't present already. The second reason is that his presentation didn't work. Except talking for testing he may do the same "test" on the presentation. But for you guys, the lecture worth a lot. When you see/listen it for first time, it is good and you probably will learn something new from it.

Good talk, shame about the video hiccup. Would've been nice to have got them working separately from the presentation and shown them at the end or something.

That said, I understand that the last thing you wanna do on stage is do a whole "bear with me while this may or may not work" kinda thing. The show must go on and all that.

Test is shit, but good. 5 for deliverance of speach. Enjoyed it!

Anonymous at 16:03 on 1 Sep 2013

It's just the same thing over and over again.

Anonymous at 18:17 on 1 Sep 2013

Obviously Jeff has a lot of experience with presenting.
Video should've been tested or the problem could've been fixed on the spot (I'd at least have pulled up chrome dev tools to see if the were any indication of what went wrong).

Really enjoyed the presentation and it gave great examples when and how you could test your code.

As someone mentioned previously (and oh how ironic it was), test your presentation as well ;)

Jeffrey did a supurb job of explaining complicated matter in a very concrete and accessible manner. Hat tip to the master!