Software Design Patterns in Laravel 4


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Anonymous at 18:08 on 30 Aug 2013

Great talk - only wish it was longer. There's so much one can cover about design patterns, this felt almost like a lightning talk rather than a conference demonstration. Enjoyed it either way, it reminded me of some patterns I need to get a bit more familiar with :)

Great talk! Talk was easy to understand, well paced. Perhaps you can do some trials at UG's to get a good timing for your talk and get some feedback in advanced.

This talk felt rushed trough when it didn't need to be. Content was OK but I feel like it could have been some more how-awesome-laravel-is-BECAUSE-design-patterns stuff going on in the talk.

Anonymous at 11:56 on 31 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 12:14 on 31 Aug 2013

You were sexy!

Anonymous at 12:19 on 31 Aug 2013

Too rushed. Not enough content.

The content of the talk was great, but it felt a little rushed.
Overall job well done

Would love to give this 5 but it was over pretty quick. Still a great talk though Phill.

Agree with rest - was a good talk but seemed kinda unplanned, time-wise. Not sure if something went wrong as some sections seemed to be skipped over or the kinda "I'm not gonna talk about that pattern in this talk" thing happened, even though there was plenty of time. The pacing itself seemed fine, so just shove more content in :) I'd loved to have heard about more patterns!

Nice topic. A bit rushed. I knew the childish head design boom, but what was the name of the "real" book again?

This was interesting topic, although it went in a rush giving sort of a quick overview on which design patterns been in use with Laravel. For those who are new to design patterns may have expected a little bit more. Thanks Phil, you did well.

Anonymous at 18:14 on 1 Sep 2013

Good effort, but way too large topic to handle in so little time.
A few more concrete examples would also have been helpful.