The Knowledge of Others


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Anonymous at 17:21 on 31 Aug 2013

Borderline irrelevant content

Totally disagree with whoever that gutless troll is man!

Bloody brilliant talk! Great perspective, clearly lots of research has obviously been undertaken and well conveyed :)

A great reminder that we should try and leverage and help those of the community who may very well be helping us in turn, even if indirectly. My only criticism is that the theoretical / meta aspects of the talk didn't seem to gel too well with the practical, although this certainly became clearer towards the end. A bit unfortunate that Frank was cut short as I had some questions :)

Also, would have liked to have discussed with Frank some finer details of the Variadic arguments implementation, which I debated with Phil Sturgeon last night on twitter :P

Overall, a really good talk and I wish we had more talks like this reminding us just how lucky we are to have such great communities that support what we do. Well done, Frank!

PS: I also think this was probably the most original talk at the whole conference - I don't think I've seen anyone touch on such a subject before.

I enjoyed the first part of this talk but wasn't so sure when it switched to the live coding. I must admit though... I began Googling the variadic arguments stuff when you were talking about it thinking "what the hell have I been missing out on". Luckily it was clarified that it was still in RFC shortly after.

I must partially agree with the supposed troll. I mean we should be honest here, right? The first 20-30 mins kinda had me thinking "what's this got to do with anything?" - dictionary definitions in talks are somewhat cliché, and if you're going to do it, do it quickly and move on IMO (sorry Frank!) **but** the rest of the talk made up for this.

The have-a-look-at-other-implementations ideas presented in the talk were pretty interesting, and I'm glad the talk progressed into such topics.

That said, overall it felt a bit like Frank stumbled through at times, and adding that to that the somewhat less-than-useful first part, I can't give this talk a brilliant scoring it may have otherwise had.

Frank: I hope you don't take this to heart too much. I think you have some good ideas, but maybe just get to the point of the talk a little quicker so you don't lose people.

Got a little sleepy until I saw moving pictures. Must be a better way to get a point across than slides with text repeated in talk. Apart from that, still good reminders of the use of a community and use of other programmers and also systems.

Anonymous at 16:01 on 1 Sep 2013

Improper attire, needs to stay more under the sun.

Anonymous at 18:39 on 1 Sep 2013

This talk had some pretty good stuff in it, but the long intro of banalities about learning from others, could probably have been cut down to a few short sentences.

Anonymous at 23:33 on 1 Sep 2013

Why is giving a low score a troll? Frankie is talented and a nice guy, but he does not yet know how to give a presentation. Compared to the best presenters (like Fabian), he clearly has a way to go. Lets hope he can use this as a learning experience.

I liked the "Take a look at the others..." it was inspiring and we way too often dig ourselves into our bubbles of OUR techs and should look all over. Inspiring but still had some way to go in the presenting to make it that inspiring top-notch talk.

For a new speaker tho; I think it was very well done!