Demystifying Modern JavaScript


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Anonymous at 15:53 on 15 May 2014

Very great to hear about JS

Excellent material and presentation. Thanks!

Ben Kuhl at 16:02 on 15 May 2014


A fun, informative, and witty presentation. You should submit proposals to other PHP conferences ( Your presentation today ran a little long though, so make sure to watch that in the future.

Good talk about development on the other side of the fence/browser. Long but informative. I would recommend starting it out with a sort of outline of what you'll be talking about, since you hit a number of topics.

Quite informative, but at that length likely would have benefited from some serious signposting -- tell them what you're going to say, say it, tell them what you said. But managed to make the world of that 'j' word interesting to this server-side guy, so it had to be good!

Anonymous at 12:24 on 21 May 2014

Coming from another JS centric guy, I really enjoyed this talk. I learned some things to so thank you!

Love it. We all have to work with JS, but it's so different from every other language that we could definitely stand to learn more about it.