BDD with PHPSpec


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Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 01:06 on 30 Oct 2014

Thanks for the demo. Make me feel like why did I not try this sooner. Talks is very good for the introduction to the tools and invite to go further.

Great talk, clear and well structured for a newcomer to testing like me! I like the way you presented your examples, it was very concrete and lively. And slides were nice. I never got bored.

A minor detail: you could have spoken a bit louder (especially when the guy upstairs decided to play with his driller.)

Thank you Dries, you gave me a kick in the pants to really start taking testing more seriously. You managed to bring across a lot of great features in a short time span. Especially the happy dinosaurs ;-)

The only suggestion I could make is to try to talk a little louder, as you sometimes faded away in the back rows (although the background noise was actually to blame for that).


I always like a good talk about testing because each time testing becomes a little less scary.

Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand.

Towards the end I got really curious about the mocking. Although due to the time limit it was understandable you couldn't get into that.

Great talk.
I've been experimenting with PHPSpec, Codeception and Behat for a while now and this cleared up a few uncertainties for me.
Loved the nyan formatters, didn't even know such a package existed. :)