Documenting Laravel APIs


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Wayne fellows at 15:42 on 22 Jun 2023

This was an epic presentation 👍

Jon Bowes at 15:57 on 22 Jun 2023

Great talk - hadn't heard about Scribe, but I think that is the tool I've been waiting for al my life!

Oliver Sarfas at 16:01 on 22 Jun 2023

Scribe looks like a great tool and will be adding this to a few of my client works next week

would love to use these techniques in my own projects

Jim Whiteside at 09:23 on 23 Jun 2023

I think the most entertaining talk of the day - James is really interesting to watch, and fair play doing live coding! I've been using a different tool to generate openapi documentation (l5-swagger) but now I'm thinking I should try scribe - fascinating!

Gaurav at 11:31 on 23 Jun 2023


Great talk, nice to learn about Scribe (as well as OpenAPI).

As with Lorna’s talk, this was a really good talk and also very timely. I think this will definitely be used in our upcoming project.

Alan Wilson at 10:58 on 26 Jun 2023

TIL there is a tool to help me document my API (currently a hand-crafted 90+ page PDF). Thanks !