Living the Best Life on a Legacy Project


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Oliver Sarfas at 15:27 on 22 Jun 2023

Won an elephant teddy and learned alot about legacy projects / support. Can't go wrong!

Jon Bowes at 15:56 on 22 Jun 2023

I already have 2 of your elephants, but never fail to learn something new from your talks! Was a good reminder to get Static Analysis setup in our git chain.

Useful things to remember when thinking about the bigger picture.

Jim Whiteside at 09:12 on 23 Jun 2023

James is a really engaging speaker, who has obviously lived the life of which he speaks. I have spent most of my development life working with 'legacy' code - some of which I wrote, much of which I didn't. I thought I knew it all but James had some brilliant insights, particularly that legacy code that is in production and providing value is not necessarily a Bad Thing (tm) and can be lived with.

Gaurav at 11:03 on 23 Jun 2023


David Watson at 15:54 on 23 Jun 2023

Important insight regarding dealing with legacy projects, really appreciate the advice

Great talk. Really helpful to hear when we're also maintaining a "legacy" codebase.

I found this talk very refreshing as well as engaging. As well as a good reminder that legacy code most likely has and potentially still does provide value, it was nice to get some tips on how to make your life better working on these projects.

Alan Wilson at 10:56 on 26 Jun 2023

Excellent talk with useful, practical suggestions for dealing with legacy code (which is pretty much everything it seems!)