Mastering Livewire


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Wayne fellows at 15:43 on 22 Jun 2023

Great to see some news things I can adopt into my livewire projects

Jon Bowes at 16:00 on 22 Jun 2023

The security part was a massive eye opener. Not really used Livewire yet, but good to know about that before I start playing.

Oliver Sarfas at 16:02 on 22 Jun 2023

Insightful demo into some of the nuances of Livewire and how to protect them, very clever

Not directly relevant to me, but enjoyed hearing about parts of livewire

Jim Whiteside at 09:30 on 23 Jun 2023

Hard to believe it was Stef's first talk - he's a natural!

As an active livewire user I found it very useful - I do wonder if anyone who have not really experienced the wonder of livewire would get as much - perhaps a couple of minutes giving a very brief explanation of what livewire is would have been useful for them?

Gaurav at 11:32 on 23 Jun 2023


Craig Willis at 13:51 on 23 Jun 2023

Well paced and well executed talk.

Examples were clear and the live coding part was great.

Stef came across knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing his secrets!

David Watson at 15:53 on 23 Jun 2023

Great deom and insightful

Insightful and informative. Worth a look into Livewire for sure

Alan Wilson at 10:59 on 26 Jun 2023

Interesting talk, well-presented and with some gotchas as well. I'm not sure we'll be moving from Vue, but on new projects will certainly evaluate Livewire as a possibility.