Scaling Your Database


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Oliver Sarfas at 11:02 on 23 Jun 2023

Shard all the things!

Jim Whiteside at 11:21 on 23 Jun 2023

I've faced database bottleneck problems in the past so this was very interesting, but I would have liked a slide or two about how to actually implement the various strategies in Laravel, but I suppose that's what the documentation is for.

Very useful grounding in the basic concepts to think about options available,

Gaurav at 11:33 on 23 Jun 2023

loved it

David Watson at 16:37 on 23 Jun 2023

Interesting and relevant topic for a whole host of applications, from my work on databsase heavy systems before this certainly has changed my view

Great informational talk!

Alan Wilson at 11:04 on 26 Jun 2023

Great - I'm not sure I'll get as far as sharding, but the other options will certainly require some careful thought by me and my team over the next 6 months.