Securing Your Laravel Application


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Jon Bowes at 15:57 on 23 Jun 2023

Really appreciated this talk, some great actionable points

Oliver Sarfas at 16:06 on 23 Jun 2023

Great recommendations and examples of security in Laravel and general security awareness

David Watson at 16:34 on 23 Jun 2023

Informative and very interesting to understand how vulnerabilities are so easy to exploit, simple designs to protect a system

Jim Whiteside at 17:05 on 23 Jun 2023

A very thorough presentation, very well delivered, and the content was spot on. I took lots of notes to follow up on to make sure we are as secure as I thought it was - developers ignore the ever-evolving scope of security threats at their peril, as was discussed.

Possibly the most useful talk with lots of info and things to check

Alan Wilson at 11:07 on 26 Jun 2023

Great talk and encouraging to not come across any major security issues I was not already aware of ...