Servers? Where We're Going We Don't Need Servers!


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Ben Hull at 11:38 on 22 Jun 2023

Loved the slides and the theme.

Very good overview of an approach to going serverless. Just the right amount of info without getting into fussy details.

Oliver Sarfas at 15:26 on 22 Jun 2023

Great talk, nice theme and informative

Wayne fellows at 15:44 on 22 Jun 2023

Interesting session, might adopt the serverless tech stack on some of our bigger projects

Jon Bowes at 15:53 on 22 Jun 2023

Particularly liked that you included the fact that Serverless isn't for everyone and helped to clarify in my mind where Serverless works and where it doesn't.

Marc Carlucci at 19:27 on 22 Jun 2023

Great Scott!!
Great introduction to serverless with a lovely and funny presentation!

Nice balance to kick-start the adventure.

Jim Whiteside at 09:04 on 23 Jun 2023

Great insight into severless which I haven’t yet had an opportunity to play with - nicely balanced - not too biased towards vapour, but a small demo might have have been interesting. Loved the BTTF references!

Awesome details on going serverless

Gaurav at 11:03 on 23 Jun 2023


Craig Willis at 13:57 on 23 Jun 2023

I thought Joe did a great job of introducing serverless.

Was a nice balance without being too simple or complex especially in a short time slot.

Daniel Jones at 19:11 on 23 Jun 2023

Informative and fun, thanks!

Great overview covering both pros and cons of Serverless.

Really good talk. As someone fairly inexperienced with serverless tech, it was easy to follow and made me curious to research it more.

Alan Wilson at 10:52 on 26 Jun 2023

An excellent talk, covering the basics nicely. As someone who signed up for a Vapor account but never really started using it I think a short segment on how serverless can be implemented in Vapor would have been useful, but this did not detract from the usefulness of the talk.

Chris Loftus at 12:02 on 26 Jun 2023

First talk of the conference and the best in my opinion.

Serverless has been around for a while now but Joe's talk proved how mature it is and that it should be the way to go infrastructure-wise now.

I have since setup one of my side projects using, which was recommended along with Laravel Vapour in the talk.

I only had to login to AWS to create a user and generate API keys. That is bonkers.

I haven't switched the DNS over yet as I don't feel completely confident in my knowledge - I'm too used to SSH'ing in and fixing stuff - which I won't have to do now. I'm sure I'll complete the switch once I have played with it some more.

Thanks Joe!