Leveraging Laravel Notifications


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Povilas Korop at 14:01 on 12 Jun 2018

Good and entertaining talk, but most of it was pretty basic stuff you can read in the official documentation.

Joshua Franks at 17:45 on 12 Jun 2018

Steve is a very strong character and has the natural ability to make literally anyone laugh. His talk was very entertaining. Some may say that what he was discussing was pretty simple, but it was very inclusive and allowed those that aren't as familiar with the Laravel Framework to have something to relate to.

Great job.

Joe Dixon at 19:20 on 12 Jun 2018

Steve is a really engaging speaker, but I found the content was perhaps a little basic and on a subject matter I already have a lot of knowledge around.

Great beginner level intro to a hugely useful Laravel – and probably under utilised – competent of Laravel. Great talk man, you're easy to listen to and great sense of humour. "My mouse is independent of my movement" I'm sure will be the quote of the conference!

S Nathan at 11:36 on 13 Jun 2018

Really good speaker and sense of humour. The content of this talk was a little basic but still was good to see a demo!

Alex Williams at 12:01 on 13 Jun 2018

Excellent talk and it's great to see the conference have talks that cater to all skill levels. Although I didn't learn too much myself, there were people at the conference with less experience/exposure to Laravel who were able to learn something new in an interesting manner without having to dive through the docs.

Peter Fox at 01:35 on 17 Jun 2018

While I agree with others the content was a beginner level, I know that other members of my team sat through not knowing about notifications and found the talk really good. You were a very engaging character which made the talk easy to listen to even if the content wasn't anything new.

I will say the font uses on the slides could have been a little better. I find san serif fonts on slides a bit jarring to read.