An introduction to the Secure Software Development Lifecycle


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Anonymous at 11:14 on 28 Jun 2013

Anonymous at 11:15 on 28 Jun 2013

The presentation was a little dry, but rich in content...

Great content, but could have been timed a bit better. I would have liked to spend more time on some of the topics in the second half of the talk. Some really valuable information, would definitely go see it again once the timing is worked out.

Anonymous at 15:08 on 28 Jun 2013

Anonymous at 15:45 on 28 Jun 2013

agree with other reviewers feedback on the talk being dry and timing being. It seemed as if some audience participation was expected but kinda ambiguous response.

Really useful information. Tried to cover too much information to quickly toward the end.

Pretty good coverage of the major topics, but as others mentioned, the timing was a bit off, hence rushing the end.

This talk had good information and gave me some new ways of looking at security. I think it would be a good idea to narrow the focus of this talk and give some more specific examples.

Very informative! Speak a little louder/clearly, and be more confident in your speaking abilities - the quality of the information was great.