Composer: Share all the things!


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Anonymous at 11:15 on 28 Jun 2013

Great presenter-- very organized. Please bring him back!

Very good presentation, enjoyable, with lots of great content and examples...

Great animated speaker for a good session. Great with answering questions, and nice visual slides with composer install walk through.

Useful. I like his presentation.

Nice talk over dependencies and the convulsion that can happen when you have many of them. I had used composer in the past, but not extensively, but moving forward on any PHP projects I plan to use this when it's applicable. Thanks for a good talk. Nice use of reveal.js too!

great talk and very knowledgable.

Good introductory talk (which I think was the intent) although I would have liked a bit more time on creating libraries to be included in composer/packagist... that seemed to be a trailing topic versus having full focus.

Good talk. Was hoping for more experience / direction on implementation and placement.

Nice talk and good information. Thanks

I use composer, and still learned a bunch.

Very, very good talk for anyone new to Composer. Appreciated the explanation of the difference between composer install and update and how the lock file works.

Excellent talk on composer... should be required viewing for every new PHP developer. I also learned about generating custom classmaps... very informative!