Declare Independence from your IT department: sysadmin skills for PHP developers


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Pablo speaks well about the topic and obviously knows the material well. It seems like he had a bit more information than fit into 50 minutes, which resulted in some rushing at the end, but otherwise a very good run down of various tools and basics PHP devs would need for basic system administration.

Good presentation, lots of good tips, and Pablo spoke well on a dry and very broad topic.

Content was well organized and presented. The first half of the presentation covered basic Unix info which was less interesting than the second half of the presentation which covered info about apache, php, and setup.

Pablo had great information, but way too much for a short presentation. The slides alone are very helpful and I'd like to see an article written on this for reference, if possible. Thanks

So much fantastic information here, which could easily have been expanded into a tutorial session. I really enjoyed the talk and picked up a lot of good tips.