Ebb and Flow - Event driven applications in PHP


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A thing of beauty.

Event-driven architecture (like Bob showed) seems like the next logical step in moving from a linear approach to a model that better mirrors the way things really are.

This was a quick fly-through with little background provided, but I think I got the gist of it.

I'm going to enjoy checking out the resources Bob will share.

Good talk, I thought the first half was especially valuable. I had a bit of a hard time following some of the code examples and some of the examples of "how" to incorporate events, but the information in the first half of the talk was rich enough for me to do my own research as well. I really enjoyed your speaking style, very clear and well-paced. You seemed very comfortable speaking! Nice job!

Great talk Bob, seeing the examples of event interaction first hand in the demo app are very thought provoking. Makes me want to get out there and rewrite a few things already!

Thanks for a great talk Bob. I particularly enjoyed the first half too but found the whole talk very valuable.