Foundations of PHP


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Anonymous at 10:50 on 28 Jun 2013

Excellent lecture, very easy to understand. My only gripe is that it was a little too basic.

Anonymous at 10:53 on 28 Jun 2013

Good topic. Actually seeing results of the code we were testing would be good reinforcement. Nice presentation, simple yet informative!

Anonymous at 10:54 on 28 Jun 2013

Great presentation! Humble, warm, and knowledgable. Good pacing with rich context. Thanks!

Anonymous at 14:50 on 28 Jun 2013

Good job covering the basics. Nice speed, not to fast or slow.

Anonymous at 15:27 on 28 Jun 2013

Great job covering the content but it was extremely basic. Wouldn't have had much of an issue with that if the following presentation wasn't extremely advanced and fast paced.

Anonymous at 16:12 on 1 Jul 2013

Good lecture, good basics, only thing is I would have preferred more PHP-focused basics than programming basics in general.

Anonymous at 09:12 on 2 Jul 2013

Great speaker. Was a little too basic but speaker was awesome.