Introducing Tests in Legacy PHP Applications


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Jeff knows his stuff, and he explains it well. He has good examples, good references, and presents them well. I like that he doesn't point to 50 good resources but rather says go read this book, it's solid. My only negative comment is that there wasn't much information on the mocking that would need to be done for some of these practices (although he did helpfully tell us about a talk on day 2 on this topic).

I think the talk would have been better to focus on a unit testing, as the focus on Behat and Mink took away from the actual topic. Still, he's a good presenter and well-spoken.

Take away recommendation was to build acceptance tests based on business rules before refactoring code to perform unit tests in order to validate code still works after refactoring. Gave good recommendations for refactoring code to make it more testable. Clear presentation.

Very helpful. Thank you for the great book reference as well.

Good talk with several helpful take-aways. Jeff is a smooth presenter and his knowledge shows.

Good advice on how to actually bring untestable code to a testable state without breaking anything! That's pretty much all we wanted to do from the first place here. Refactoring in a defensive manner.