More Code, More Problems


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Another great presentation by Ed. His "core principles" are things you should live and code by.

Anonymous at 12:04 on 28 Jun 2013

This guy is giving great advice on responsible coding. In being anti-framework to some extent, he's definitely a rebel, but definitely with a righteous cause. He knows what he's talking about.

Good ideas, and he is passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. That said, it seemed like there was a lot of "don't do this, try to do this instead" without better tool suggestions, references, or supporting documentation or materials. In other words, it would be nice to either see tools for helping us, or better documentation/stats to convince our managers to give us more time to follow these standards.

Awesome presentation that encourages good behavior when writing in any language.


Thanks for bringing that up. I will try to get more info like that in future versions.

I really liked this talk, I agree that it'd be really interesting to get some more information about some of the tools that you use/have used. Entertaining talk, full of good info about how to write more manageable code

Anonymous at 11:14 on 29 Jun 2013

Probably one of the most actionable and valuable talks to me. It underscored the "building small applications that do things really well" mantra. I'll be reviewing this talk's notes pretty closely in the near future. Absolutely awesome content.

Valuable principles. Always helps to remind us to "Keep It Simple."