Profiling PHP Applications


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This was a good talk, a nice overview of the tools available. The explanation of the vmstat output, and when he explained changes in the columns as he ran a large job, gave a lot of insight. Also, his remarks reminded me to move all my sites to SSD drive :)

Great info. Much needed for all devs. Wish he had been given a little more time to present.

Good job today at focusing on useful tools. I know it's probably heresy in this crowd, but I'm an PHP on IIS developer. Like to see some more tools that help with IIS performance issues.

Great talk about detecting IO and identifying issues to optimize and improve your code or environment.

Lots of great information and tools, but seemed to drag just a bit. Perhaps that was just because of the live demos?

Very helpful information and presentation.

Awesome talk, got to see a few good tools that I haven't seen in action, and got a few take aways from it.

Great talk introducing many tools and techniques that I'll take away and use.

I enjoyed learning about some of the ways to determine whether your code is slow, or it is your processors, or I/O. thank you for the enlightenment Derick!