Programming Diversity


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A great look at the subtle things that are happening to hamper diversity. A lot of great facts about the current situation and a solid list of things we can all be doing to improve the environment for everyone.

This was very informative and the group discussion was very insightful!

Anonymous at 23:29 on 28 Jun 2013

Engaging, thorough, research-based. Great talk with a lot of informative answers about how to enact change in your own organizations to make them more inclusive & diverse spaces.

Ashe is a great speaker - it helps that she is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about about the topic. Her timing was very good and she engaged the audience well during questions.

Anonymous at 11:12 on 29 Jun 2013

Anonymous at 09:21 on 2 Jul 2013

What's this got to do with PHP?