The OOP in PHP


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Anonymous at 12:21 on 28 Jun 2013

nice presentation, but too advanced for the track for beginners to moderate.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 28 Jun 2013

Good talk. I was able to follow along until we got to the interfaces and after that. A bit more explanation would be needed for beginners such as application of the concepts.

Anonymous at 15:28 on 28 Jun 2013

Extremely difficult to follow for the beginner track

Very helpful presentation! Lots of good info and examples of general concepts, but perhaps show some practical use cases. Excellent format of having a resource link or two on each slide for the given topic. A bit rushed at the end, but it's a huge topic. While explaining the code examples, it would help to say which line of code you're referring to or maybe get a laser pointer - but not a major issue at all.

Anonymous at 09:09 on 2 Jul 2013

Too advanced for Foundations track. My eyes glazed over about half-way through. Covered too much info. Definitely need a laser pointer to know which line of code is being referred to. Really wanted to learn more about using classes but came away more afraid of them than ever :-(