Usability for Developers


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Very nice presentation; good, thorough overview with excellent examples.

great talk and very good examples.

Anonymous at 10:24 on 29 Jun 2013

Love the examples and interaction.

Excellent practical guide to usability analysis with balanced and unbiased real-world examples. I went in thinking I wouldn't learn anything, but felt like I left with at least a little food for thought. For those interested in this subject, I suggest checking out the books "Don't Make Me Think" and "Rocket Surgery Made Easy" by Steve Krug.

Anonymous at 10:25 on 29 Jun 2013

Speaks very clearly and concisely. I especially liked the audience participation for calling out things about webpages.

Very clear and excellent data...something that should be near the top of any website developers "priority" list...

Really enjoyed listening to this talk, it was a great way to see how some of the decisions that I take for granted at times could be changed to make the user experience better. Enjoy listening to Beth speak and like the audience involvement as well. Great talk!

Great talk Mrs. Long! Very entertaining, and easy to understand. I picked up a lot of great tips from you. And when you see slot machine E commerce, know that your talk inspired the idea! Thank you Beth!