12 Reasons your API Sucks


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Engaging talk with a lot of good information presented concisely. Familiarity with audience presented a feeling of interactivity.

Some of the content was more applicable to API usability then development: example soap vs rest endpoints was oversimplified and factually incorrect.

Jason Ragsdale at 10:49 on 25 Apr 2014

great now I have to buy another book.... ;)

Solid points, and enough dogma to be applicable to real-life rather than theory.

Great talk, exactly what I needed at the right time!

Anonymous at 12:59 on 25 Apr 2014

Good talk. Would've enjoyed better examples in presentation content. Ex: when comparing SOAP vs. REST, not everyone might understand what a WSDL is... but having a small slide would've helped. Slides showing paths/modeling were good and easy to follow.

Nice job by Keith. I was just happy he didn't use my API as examples of what not to do :) But on to the talk itself, there were quite a few good pointers in the talk no matter if you are just creating an API or maintaining an existing one. Well organized and delivered excellently.

This is one of the best talks I've seen given by Keith… good content, good pace and the right amount of humour. And not the least important, learned a couple of things I thought I knew but didn't. Thanks.

Anonymous at 18:09 on 25 Apr 2014


Thanks for the feedback. If you're willing, I'd love to hear specific feedback on how I can make this presentation better next time around. You can reach me at keith [at] caseysoftware.com

Entertaining and informative. The examples and stories were helpful, and I really appreciated the mention of resources such as Swagger and iodocs. I just wish I had known about them last week when I wrote my API documentation with HTML ...

Keith Casey has a great presentation style that engages the audience and captures attention. I enjoyed this talk a lot.

Anonymous at 14:58 on 26 Apr 2014

Keith is a very polished speaker. I found his talk engaging and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the color Keith was able to provide around the development of the Twilio API. When your business is centered around API use - you better have an API with which a developer can be productive within minutes. Twilio has definitely achieved this and should be a model for API developers.

If asked to reach for criticism, I would say that some of what was presented re-enforced what developers (especially those willing to spend a Saturday at a PHP conference) largely already understand. Things like:
- Accurate documentation is important
- Be consistent in your naming
- Make sure you're using HTTP response codes properly

Great talk overall.

Anonymous at 16:50 on 28 Apr 2014

Was a great talk, only 2 negatives for me:
- I never heard what #4 was, it seemed to go from #3 (Getting started code) to #5 (SOAP) so did I miss it?
- #6 & #9 seemed the same, both about inconsistent URIs and HTTP codes. Maybe needs some more clarification on how these two points differed.

Otherwise I thought it was great, and helped me a lot!