Clean Application Development


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Jason Ragsdale at 09:51 on 25 Apr 2014

great talk!

Clean, concise presentation from a... clean, concise fella. Plenty of material for a one hour talk; the three hour version is likely even more beneficial.

Enjoyed the speaker, but I felt the content was a little scattered. The talk setup was a little longer than necessary.
Code smells list could use some more specific examples in place of some of the more general ones. (i.e. errors are obvious, what are some of the more non-obvious ones?)
Would have preferred a bit more focused discussion on code rather than covering everything from project management to role responsibilities.

I wish my coworkers had seen this talk.

Lots of great and practical advice well presented. I especially liked the comments about making sure your code is understandable for others so that you ARE replaceable (So you can go on vacation or get promoted.)

Covered a lot of material at an overview level, where the developers have references to get more detailed info in the areas that they need to do a better job. I was disappointed in his comments about how to provide estimates. He doesn't consider that the coder doesn't realize they don't have all the requirements, that a task can be more complex than it seems, and the amount of experience the coder has with that business logic or framework or other tools being used for this particular project.

Anonymous at 12:54 on 25 Apr 2014

Enjoyed the talk as it was very informative and covered a lot of topics for clean development. The only thing that would've made the talk better is more PHP code (or even pseudocode) examples.

Adam did a great job giving us a taste of the content. It was obvious that there was a lot more depth but he gave a good overview of a lot of concepts in the 50 minutes. My only suggestion would be to include something in the description that denoted the experience level that the talk is geared to. It was a great intro for beginners, but wasn't in depth enough for more advanced devs (perhaps the full version of the talk would address more). Overall, great job!

Loved the talk and knowing that you cannot cover everything in 50 minutes, I do think that you could summarise the details on coding conventions and reusable OOP patterns a little more and emphasise on the long-term benefits, because when people don't know where they're going they don't get started.

Adam's casual but confident presentation style is always nice, and always comes with a world-class smile. The topic was a great choice and one that everyone needs to be refreshed on regularly. However, I felt that this talk scratched too many surfaces, and did not provide the level of technical depth the audience wanted and that I know Adam is very capable of delivering.

Good talk, lots of information and good examples.