Developing Beautiful, Measurable Software


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Very cool talk full of good stuff, honestly I would have loved this as two sessions, one on refactoring rules, and one on supporting tools

Solid presentation (no pun intended). Would like to see some code snippets on each slide, though explaining those would reduce the overall # of topics. I arrived a few minutes late and may have missed it, but it would be nice to see this as a workshop which offers bad code examples for each problem and walks through a fix.

Lots of good information. Might need some work on fitting it in the time. Would have liked to see the scrutinized demo.

Awesome talk. Covered a lot of material and I learned a lot, even though I had heard Rafael Dohms' talk on object calisthenics. I agree that this could be easily split up into two talks, with the first talk allowing more time to show examples, and the second talk having more time to show actually running some of these tools in the command line and analyzing their output.

I thought this was a great presentation with good pacing and beautiful slides. I really enjoyed the first half. There was a lack of examples in second half, but you were able to at least touch on all of the important tools and metrics for those that have not heard of them.

Very informative talk. A few of his best practices run contrary to a few practices I picked up years ago. Now, I need to revisit those and determine if I want to change. I did like how he explained WHY he thought they were good practices.

Great talk and slide deck. Nice guidelines for development.