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Excellent topic and breadth of the talk. Speaker seemed a bit rushed, but it did not get in the way of the message.
29 things to do today is a bit much for a single talk. :)

This was an excellent talk. It should be recorded and every developer should have to watch it WITH THEIR MANAGER!

Thank you Alison.

Very well organized and thought out. After hearing this talk, I feel more equipped to explain security risks to non-developers.

This was a really great talk! It's rare to be able to hear from someone that has the kind of knowledge and background you do about security and is still so keyed into the community. You have a great stage presence that is entertaining and edifying. You kept the audience engaged the whole way through, and there was enough content that I felt like I learned a lot and was inspired to learn more.

This was an excellent talk. Having been in web development for more than 20 years it is amazing that we are still dealing with the same security issue. This talk inspired me to be more of a security advocate.

Consummate expert delivering a well-polished talk. Slide deck looked great.

Just drink fewer Red Bulls beforehand next time, okay Snipe?

With practical recommendations and insightful anecdotes, Alison draws from her extensive experience in the industry to teach us that we much approach our application development with a "risk-first" mentality. I think this is a message every developer and their manager needs to hear.

Great delivery and great content in a well organized talk.

I really enjoyed this one.. it was full of actionable steps that almost anyone should be able to follow. Her style and presence are also hard to forget. :)

I wish my middle management and executives could have attended, next time they will. Thanks Snipe.