Make $ vagrant up yours


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Thorough presentation from one of the more knowledgeable folks out there. Only minor note is to enunciate a bit better or perhaps bring the mic closer.

Good talk, I definitely got a good bit out of it. Only suggestions would be that I'd like to seem more use cases from day-to-day development strategies with vagrant. (usage with PHPStorm, where built-time processes live, how to trigger them, how to manage sites with many services and their configurations for that particular VM).

Very well prepared and engaging presentation. I feel more confident about trying to get this implemented in my organization. Great point about greatly reducing the time it takes getting new developers up and running.

I would also like to echo Ralph's comment above -- maybe next year you could have a "Part 2" talk where instead of describing what vagrant is and how it works and why to use it, you jump into the practicals of setting up different VMs in a real environment and how it fits into and enhances your development workflow.