PHP at Density and Scale


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Very in depth and technical talk. Speaker presented at a very steady clip even when some demo items were moving slowly. Showed a great familiarity with the subject area and this implementation.

Jason Ragsdale at 13:58 on 25 Apr 2014

enjoyed learning about systemd, console command section might be better as slides so we can follow it at a slower pace.

Anonymous at 17:20 on 25 Apr 2014

In-depth, good pace, excellent speaker, deep technical content.

Anonymous at 21:14 on 25 Apr 2014

Way over my head. Please explain or give background info before you begin. I had not a clue what was being discussed. Not your fault, but intro/fundamentals should be included.

I've now seen this talk twice so I am beginning to be able to watch it without my head exploding. David is one of thos epoepl ei describe as scary smart. This talk is a good example of that. This is not a beginner talk. This talk is for advanced developers and dives deep.

Think you know a bit about scaling PHP, come attend this talk. :)