Refactor, Don't Rebuild


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Anonymous at 09:48 on 26 Apr 2014

Excellent talk about the pros of refactoring. A little more time covering refactoring best practices would have been worthwhile.

Anonymous at 09:52 on 26 Apr 2014

Great presentation on refactoring which used practical examples to demonstrate the downsides of rewriting entire codebases.

Awesome talk. Great, applicable, real world experiences and examples, strong slide deck, funny presentation.

Anonymous at 12:58 on 26 Apr 2014

Good talk why to refactor, but would've liked to see code samples. Background stories (like NASA, PHP Arch) were a bit long and lost my focus. Otherwise, a good general talk on pros of refactoring... which were mainly $$ and time savings. What would've really hit the ball out of the park would've been code samples when rebuilding made sense and when rewriting made sense...

Great talk. Heavy dose of realism that I wish I'd heard many years ago before learning some of these things the hard way. The real-life case studies were helpful and brought a lot of the points home. While there isn't much that could be improved in the time alloted for the talk, I agree with the previous commentor that the talk would really shine if some of the stories could be condensed and there could be a few code examples showing what piecemeal changes look like.

Great talk, probably my favorite of the weekend, however towards the end it seemed like we had enough examples of *why*, and could have used more examples of *how*.

The personal and real world examples (NASA and Mozilla) really brought home things my boss has been trying to teach me.