Single Page Apps With AngularJS


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A good talk from an author with some proper experience to relate Angular to a room full of PHP devs. Only thing to fix is the timing, which often improves with # of deliveries. :-)

Anonymous at 13:01 on 26 Apr 2014

Great talk, but intro was too long on basics... and ending was too short. I almost think this should've been a 2-part talk. I really enjoyed the topic as I'm new to ang js. Definitely would like to hear more from this speaker.

Good content in the talk. I wish we would have had more time to get more in depth with Angular. Could have cut down a bit on the intro part and the "why", which may have given more time for the "how".

I completely agree that this was a great session that was just too short. As is, the way the material was split seemed a little unbalanced but it could have been solved with more time. Another hour or even a workshop based on this. would have been great.