The Zen of Tech Leading


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Anonymous at 11:44 on 25 Apr 2014

I may disagree with some of the things stated (maybe my coder bias), but the talk was both informative and engaging.

Some minor distractions at the beginning settled down into a fantastic talk full of good information and illustrative anecdotes. Really appreciated the enthusiasm and honesty in the talk coupled with a core of discrete ideals.

Fantastic job. Presentation style was very engaging and entertaining. Shared real life examples that were very applicable, and covered the different aspects of being a Tech Lead very well. If you have a chance to see this talk anywhere, you should. If you're a conference organizer you should definitely accept this talk for your conference. All around excellent job.

Wow, this was a great talk. I learned a lot and honestly felt rebuked (in a good way) for not doing a better job at this. Engaging presentation with a lot of takeaways.

Very well prepared talk. The real life examples really brought the points home.

This was an awesome talk. The content could even be used as a periodic refresher for people in a tech lead position. Speaker was well versed in techniques and also had good real-life experiences to relate that drove many points home. Highly recommend this talk.