Eating ElePHPants


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Great insight into a major refactor of a popular framework with a vocal community. Larry makes a great case for injecting pragmatism into your refactor process.

Note to the speaker - those really animated moments are a bit loud. That's the only note I can give. Great talk!

This was a great talk. Larry is an interesting speaker. i've seen him give technical and non-technical talks and he delivers both with equal aplomb.

This talk gave a lot of insight into the process of turning the Drupal ship and what is driving Drupal 8. This is a great talk for anyone using Drupal, or considering Drupal. It's also a great talk for anyone who wants to move a large project in a new direction.

If you get a chance, make SURE you see this talk.


Anonymous at 09:30 on 28 Apr 2014

Good talk. Wish my mgr was there!

Nice work! Larry, you are truly one of the best speakers in the PHP community. Your ability to balance technical content, humor, practicality, and passion into your presentations always makes them a delight. Thanks!

An excellent retrospective into what worked and what didn't when pushing through a major change in thinking and architecture. A fascinating story, and a great reminder to all of us that good change can happen if we are careful and considerate while remaining firm on what needs to change.

I think I'll start looking into Drupal!