A Gentle Walk Towards SOA


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Great overview to SOA.

Good talk, well laid out and good overview diagrams of how different services speak to each other. Might be slightly ambitious for an hour, I'd suggest trimming it slightly and focusing more on less content.

Very good talk, particularly for my current situation in moving my companies codebase to SOA. The diagrams and examples make a very complex idea easy to start the process of moving towards.

Effective breakdown of SOA. The examples were helpful.

Great talk and overview of SOA as theory and the process used to implement it in a real world scenario.

I would of like to see more about how exactly it was used from code view to answer questions around security and other implementations.

Good presentation. I could have used a little more detail in some areas but time was limited so it's understandable.

Excellent talk and very well delivered. For me it struck a good balance between technical examples and design principles. It's always helpful to get a concrete case study as Jeff provided with his company -- especially with time consuming shifts in software architecture. Also, the concise explanation of when/not to use SOA was appreciated.

1/5, didn't even talk about WSDLs.

On a serious note, good presentation about SOA and splitting your application up into various services. I think it gives enough information to get someone familiar with the concepts and where to look next.

I am not a developer but a teacher so I am evaluating the talk based on the presentation of the information. Jeff is a great presenter that easily pulls you in to what he is saying. I applaud the use of diagrams in understanding the process and in helping demonstrate the concept visually. The structure of the presentation also made it very easy to see the process of how going from a simpler system to a more complex system works. Well done!

I always enjoy getting the opportunity to see Jeff speak. In this talk, as with others that I've seen him give (Dependency Injection/Inversion, using Git/Github on a team), Jeff clearly lays out the topics that will be discussed, describes the terminology he'll be using, then walks through each section step by step. I think it's an effective teaching style because it guides attendees through the topic and provides information in a manner that is easy to understand, even if the topic is complex.

I've been craving more talks about application design, so this presentation scratched an itch. I appreciate that SOA wasn't being sold as THE way to do something, but merely an alternative that might be appropriate for some larger systems. Jeff often has good visual aids, and I think the ones used in this talk were especially helpful.

Great talk, would see again.