After party presented by Softlayer


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A nice relaxing way to wind down the conference. They kicked us out even though Mother Nature made it clear we should have stayed inside.

Can't have a great conference without some good sponsors. Thanks Softlayer for being a part of it.

Really fun! Was so nice to hang out and talk with people after such a great conference.

This is the first time I've been to an after party at the very end of the conference! Pizza and drinks were great, and I appreciated being able to hang around for a bit to talk to people I won't see for awhile for a bit longer. Thanks, Softlayer!

It is after-parties like this that make conferences like Lone Star worthwhile. The speakers are great, the lunches are a definite bonus, but the people I meet and the conversations I have at the after-party are what make me want to return.

Thank you, Softlayer, for making this possible!