Architecting with Queues for Scale, Speed, and Separation


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Good information, very welled structured. Would be interested to see benchmark data of before/after. Will slides be available for the presentation after?

Anonymous at 10:05 on 17 Apr 2015

Cool presentation on Architecting queues.

The overview given at the beginning of the talk could be improved -> A break down of how the presentation was going to be structured would've helped (Contents, Azure, Queue vs. SB, Implementation examples, etc...) Also some stats on messages/second on normal queues vs batch sending. More details on implementation.

Overall it was good. Great to see topics that are unconventional.

Very good talk, information was clear and concise. Some benchmarking data would be very useful to fully realize benefits of using Queues.

I may have too little familiarity with queues to be able to fully follow, but I had trouble understanding a lot of the architectural points about the benefits of the setup. Well-presented other than that, though.

Enjoyed the talk. Was expecting benchmarks, though.

It felt like this talk was a little heavy on Azure, which is a technology most PHP devs won't be using. That it was drawn from an actual, implemented project mostly offsets that - real code is always more interesting than sample code.

It felt like there was a lot of talk about the tradeoffs of using queues, but not as much on how one would implement them and what design changes are required to take advantage of them.

Knowing very little of queues, I was expecting a more generic talk based on the topic title. However, I was disappointed to learn we were being taught from the POV of MS Azure. Yet, Sandy taught his experience with Azure as if it were from a different queueing platform. Had I realized sooner that Azure was the example, yet generic queueing was the topic, I would have gotten more out of this topic sooner. Once I realized, though... well done!