Async PHP with React


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Doug Johnson at 14:04 on 18 Apr 2015

react from the fire hose. intense. a lot was covered in a short period of time (after lunch no less) with enough information and gotcha warnings to get you going with react

Great overview of React. Densely packed with good information. A few helpful and amusing visuals here and there, though the talk felt a bit dry beyond that.

Anonymous at 14:43 on 18 Apr 2015

great talk. i wish it wasn't after lunch because my brain was in the twilight zone.

REACT is sweet! take that node! viva la PHP!!

Was a bit dry at times (plus being right after lunch), but definitely a good introduction to React.

Philip Sharp at 17:20 on 18 Apr 2015

The speaker obviously knows his stuff, but the presentation was about something atypical in the PHP world and he went too fast for the content. The slides could have more information.

So much content it was hard to follow and felt rushed.

I liked the comparisons to how other languages to Async and sockets, but this feels like really 2 presentations.

This talk was a bit above my current skill level, as I don't have any working knowledge of React. That said, Jeremy clearly knows the material very well and I took a solid amount of notes so I'll know where to get started (and who to come to with questions) once the time is right. His presentation covered the need for performing asynchronous operations within PHP, React's stack (including the Event Emitter and Event Loop), and various functions available to Streams, Events, Promises, Sockets, Server, and Connection. The slides were dense with information, so I think those who weren't able to attend but have experience with React (and questions to go along with it) could glean a lot of information from them.