Behat+Mink+PhantomJS = Test ALL THE THINGS!


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I had a difficult time hearing the speaker, so it made it a little difficult to follow. She seemed to understand the topic well and was able to answer questions. Might want to incorporate some of the information from questions.

I wish I could of stayed for this whole talk.

Presenter was great, slides were great and the presentation flowed very well.

This was super-timely for me as we are just about to get started integration testing, so knowing that PhantomJS works well with Behat was helpful. It was difficult to follow the presentation because there weren't a lot of slides of code or screenshots—I think those would have made it easier for me to understand. Also, maybe a bit more explanation of how these tools were hooked together: what's built-in, what's custom-written, etc. Like, is the image-comparison feature something the presenter set up herself? How can I do the same? etc.

Anonymous at 16:48 on 24 Apr 2015

Michelle really knew her stuff, but came across as a bit quiet and uncertain. On the whole covered new topics to me, so it was great to hear.