Building Rock Solid Software in the Real World


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Appreciate the solid tips for building good code. Thanks Omni!

Great talk Omni!! Especially thought how you described the different types of code reviews was helpful!

Useful tips on good coding processes with larger groups
I feel like a lot of this doesn't work quite as well with 1 or 2 developers but the automation, tools, and steps definitely are useful when teams start scaling beyond that (and some should be used for open source)

Slides had great content, but I think maybe it was too much content. I would have liked to have seen more focus on less things, maybe a few more concrete examples. Also, I think maybe try and put a little more excitement into it, really sell it a bit harder.

This was a talk that I hadn't originally planned to attend, but I had gotten caught up with an interesting conversation with someone in the same room. Yet, I am glad that I stayed for Omni's talk. I had previously attend a talk of Omni's on Phing via Nomad PHP, so my expectations were high. Omni does not disappoint. This talk was general enough for the beginner, yet hit some points that a more experienced PHP dev could take home.

I was happy to see some good points on PHPUnit, as well as on Code Sniffer and other code quality tools that don't make the cover of PHP Cosmo.