Deploying Web Applications with Capistrano


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Fantastic intro to Capistrano talk. I have been looking at moving our deployments toward something like Capistrano and this talk answered a number of the questions I had about doing so.

This is a good introduction to using capistrano and a nice overview of getting started with deployments as opposed to just a "push"

However -

The biggest thing I'd love to see with this talk is WHY you'd choose capistrano over similar tools (no not ftp I mean other remote deployment tools) and what features it gives me. I'd also like to know how it interacts with other tools (docker, ansible, ci, etc) that are already being used - where is it in the lifecycle of an application?

Great feedback Elizabeth! Definitely some great points that would help improve the talk. Thanks!!

Great talk! Capistrano sounds like a great answer to a good deployment solutions.

Anonymous at 11:15 on 18 Apr 2015

the information was great and very thorough. but i think the delivery of the content could've been better (more energy).

since there were so many good questions. i would highly recommend you doing a part 2 for this talk. approaching it from real world scenarios and walking through the steps.

Good content, but the delivery could have been more energetic. A brief explanation on how this relates to other tools would be improve the presentation.

Great overview talk with some real examples and code.

Presented very well and knows the flow he was teaching well.

This was the nudge in the right direction I needed. For someone who's just begun to really concern themselves with deployments this talk was really accessible and easy to follow. If I had to offer any suggestions perhaps, as noted by Elizabeth, just a brief overview of the benefits Capistrano offers vs other services as it may not be totally apparent right away. Other than that great job and congrats on the baby!

Andrew was a great speaker and I came away from this eager to put some work into Capistrano. He answered all the questions pretty well and he was eager to help me with any questions I had outside of the session.

I've been looking into automated deployments for a little while, and sat in on a similar talk about deploying WordPress applications with Capistrano a few years ago (long before I was ready for this knowledge), so I was pleased with how thoroughly Andrew covered the topic. I know there are some complexities with getting Capistrano up and running with WordPress, so I'll need to do a little additional research on my own, but I feel this talk gave me the inspiration I need to finally take the plunge.