Does your code measure up?


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Fit exactly what I was looking for. Pragmatic points of view on how to produce quantitative data on code quality. Gave specific tools, how he uses them, and why.

Great tools, discussion and presentation.

I loved the tips and suggestions on the testing and working with code quality. I look forward to putting some of the ideas into practice as soon as I can.

Great talk. Very good knowledge I could take and use right away.

You were able to give me very useful tools that I will use from here on out for development, and I thank you for that. You can tell from your talk that you are very knowledgeable in the field and know what you are doing.

Great introduction to these tools, I can't wait to introduce some of these into our project!

Love this talk. Gave tools, examples, and reasons why you should analyze your code. As a person who is in a single developer environment this will give me a solid working foundation for where to start focusing on refactoring my code.

Anonymous at 08:43 on 20 Apr 2015

Great talk. Thanks for sharing some great tools that I will be using now that I know about them. Best speaker I heard at conference.

This is one of those talks that provides value to almost everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Lots of actionable information, just enough theory to back it up.

Anonymous at 16:42 on 24 Apr 2015

Felt a bit like a book report at times, but highlights some great tools I knew of and a few others I didn't.