Drupal 8: The Crash Course


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I use drupal 7 almost exclusively at work, and learning that Drupal 8 improves on a lot of the drupal 7 downfalls was very settling. I will definitely be making the switch to drupal 8 as soon as it's production ready.

Extremely good overview and discussion of the improvements/demystification of the changes in D8.

Style note: Generally light backgrounds with dark text work better for code sample visibility.

Anonymous at 10:57 on 18 Apr 2015

It's 11am on Saturday now and I still haven't stumbled upon a presentation this weekend as good as Larry's. This talk was sweet because
1) it showed code
2) it was a practical example
3) it was about drupal
4) the speaker was enthusiastic, passionate, and concise

Great talk for anyone who has coded modules in <= drupal 7 and is looking to understand the fundamental changes in how one will go about writing modules in 8. It would be nice to have a few slides on what the core systems (plugified?) are and what 3rd party modules are not shipped as part of drupal (Entity System, Admin UI improvements, chaos tool functionality, views, etc).

Anonymous at 16:41 on 24 Apr 2015

Very solid talk: information rich, great mix of concepts and code, and really clear Larry knows his stuff.