Five things I wish they had told me before I started programming in PHP


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Doug Johnson at 09:58 on 18 Apr 2015

Fun and inspiring. a lot of good resources. Should be required listening for new devs but even is old war horses can stand to be motivated

Second or third time I've seen this talk, but I still find that there are tons of great tidbits sprinkled throughout the talk. Cal is a great speaker with an engaging tone and friendly presence. He uses humor well to drive home points and change topics. If I had any recommendations it would be to break up the black-text-bullet-points-on-white-background monotony of the slides themselves. Add some color, maybe a couple pictures of that stuffed elephpant herd!

Although this was focused on beginners to PHP, I was able to get some useful information out of this. Very good presentation.

Anonymous at 12:52 on 18 Apr 2015

I think Cal did a great job highlighting some sound advice for people new to developing with PHP, but it also applies to people of all levels.

Great for a new guy like me.

Cal always gives great talks. While this talk was geared toward new developers, there were a few things I picked up for myself. I always enjoy his talks.

Another fine nudge toward Composer. Maybe there's something to this. And really, a PHP user group? I had no idea. And many thanks for the brief lingo session. Let's hear it for yak shaving.

I really enjoyed this talk even though I am not a developer. Cal is a dynamic speaker and entertains as much as he teaches. I learned several things especially about the lingo. One negative comment that is a personal turn off to me, is self negativity or self depreciation. A number of times Cal made comments about how we didn't need to listen to him, or there were better talks to listen too. As a teacher those kind of statements always make me cringe. Everyone has value to add. Be positive!