HipHop and Hack: PHP for Real World Applications


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Link to slides until we can officially upload them:

Philip Sharp at 10:48 on 17 Apr 2015

Most of the talk was just reading from the slides. Would have liked to see before-and-after code from the Hack conversion.

Decent content, but a little bit slow and it was hard to hear the speakers. The slides were a bit heavy on content and the tiny text was hard to read.

Information on bottom part of slides could not be read by those not in front of room. Some code examples would have been good. (Change the names to protect the innocent.) Liked how you explained the differences with PHP.

Good talk as to the how. A but more of why you'd use this and when would have been useful

It was good, I learned a lot. Enjoyed the code conversion part and the benchmarks.

Twitter handles or your names at the bottom of each slide would have been helpful.

This was full of interesting (and actionable) content but the pacing and volume were rough. A little more energy/enthusiasm would have made you a bit louder and engaging to create a really solid session.

(Also, for the slides, you can attach those to the talk description above. They're easier to find that way.)