Introduction to OAuth Clients


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Great talk on the client side process for OAuth. Very good coverage of both versions 1 and 2 and the various grant types. Two suggestions:

1. It would be helpful to start with a fully formed request before you start explaining how to build it, then build it and show it again. That would've helped me follow some of what was happening.
2. Syntax highlighting in example code would be teh bomb.

Overall this is a 5 star talk. Good stuff!

I unfortunately had to duck out early because I forgot something in my hotel, but Matt does a good job at explaining OAuth concepts and their benefits and even some issues with it - something a lot of people ignore. I like the simple slides with a more conversational style (at least in the first 25 minutes). My only suggestion is to try to work on the flow of the conversation a little more. That is, while the content is good, having less "ums" and a more orchestrated flow would elevate the experience.

Another great layer for my understanding this. I appreciated highlighting the struggle points

Anonymous at 08:42 on 20 Apr 2015

Cool talk. Enjoyed it!

I haven't used OAuth in a while. Need a refresher!

This was one of several sessions at Lonestar where I left wanting to dig into the topic further on my own right away. Matt was hugely ambitious in trying to cover both OAuth 1 and 2 in the 50 minute time slot, and focusing on just the client side was a smart move. That said, 50 minutes still wasn't enough to get through the material, and caused Matt to skip over some pieces that may have been helpful to newcomers to OAuth such as myself.

One example: During the OAuth 1 segment, Matt discussed how to build a base string and a composite string, but as far as I can tell, never showed an example of what the full completed string looks like.

In general, I think a talk so heavy in implementation and light on concepts could benefit from a general outline in the slides - tell us where we're going before we get there, then tell us where we're at in the process - visually - so that as learners, we can plan ahead and make sure that we're in the right place when we're following along.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent talk. Ideas for improving it might entail describing the differences between OAuth 1 and 2 and choosing one in which to do a deeper dive (as opposed to racing through both), and/or providing more of a visually guided tour that includes an outline, as described above.

Anonymous at 16:39 on 24 Apr 2015

Felt pretty dry — like reading a white paper in front of a room of people. Some good information, but I found it hard to connect with the delivery.