It Feels Great to Iterate


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Good talk, Good tips

Awesome talk. Excellent pitfalls I've run into myself, tips on how iterators work internally, and how to apply OOP principles to use them effectively. Would love to see this talk expanded or spun off into another talk on generators, coroutines, and more advanced applications of those PHP features.

Anonymous at 21:06 on 17 Apr 2015

Great talk!

Doing a talk on iterators isn't easy since it's such a dry topic. Great way make iterators interesting.

Anonymous at 12:50 on 18 Apr 2015

Anonymous at 09:06 on 20 Apr 2015

Good talk.

Great talk!
The talk was ideal for me being new to php
and next for next time, perhaps a hoot,
appear on stage with a 10-course lute.

Anonymous at 15:16 on 22 Apr 2015

Good talk.

There once was a dev from Seattle
Whose array was so long he would prattle.
He said with a grin,
As he iterated again,
"Is my array traversable? I must tattle!"

Normally, iterators are a yawn and a half. Jeremy does a great job of reminding one that iterators are simple yet powerful tools to keeping our code's performance healthy. That he can come up with a lengthy poem that is entertaining and clean is a bonus to attending his talk. Well done!