OOP Is More Than Cars and Dogs


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Explained concepts very well.

Awesome talk. Really good explanation why simple academic object oriented principles are a little misleading. Used a common Employee/Manager problem and explained possible solutions using traits and interfaces. Not an issue with the talk, but slides were unfortunately hard to read due to the projector.

Chris is a good speaker and clearly knows the material very well. I really liked that he didn't dwell on basic inheritance but went past that to traits and on to other concepts crucial to, and made possible by, OOP generally. My two criticisms (which I know he already knows) are that (1) the code samples in the slides are unreadable - both for contrast (colored text on black is difficult to read) and the amount of code per slide; and (2) he should let small mistakes on the slides go more quickly. Yes, there was a missing word, but maybe move a little faster past it?

Anonymous at 05:45 on 18 Apr 2015

This talk left me with another set of tools for use in my class writing. Interfaces and traits just might be my new friends. Tied in nicely with a later talk on dependency.

Strongly recommend revisiting visibility on the code samples.

Good talk, alot of highlight content toward the end that can help people know what to learn next

The content of the talk was excellent and quite funny and other than a few flubs well given

I would echo other comments on asking for some slide improvements

There was WAY too much text on slides and always use white background/black text for code in super large fonts (projectors are unkind to code in general)

Very good presentation, I really enjoyed it. Very informative.

Anonymous at 12:47 on 18 Apr 2015

Great talk. Broadened my thoughts on how OOP should be handled and gives me more concepts to work on.

I enjoyed this talk. Chris definitely covered to concepts of OO beyond just inheritance, which is a welcomed change from most OO talks. Like others my main reason for not giving this 5 stars is not being able to read the code samples during the presentation.

Excellent job. Well delivered and did an excellent job of escalating a simple concept to show the utility of interfaces and traits.

I enjoyed this session very much. Speaker knew the content extremely well and I was pleased to come away learning some new content.

I thought this was a great high-level overview for a lot of OOP programming concepts that can be difficult to understand, and I love the idea of presenting this topic as "More Than Cars and Dogs". The problem with most OOP education is that professors use non-business terminology to explain these concepts, when the reality is that you're more often going to run into nouns like Employee and Manager. Kudos to Chris for using these examples. I would liked to have seen more, including examples of classes that don't map neatly onto any real world object or thing.

"Can a dog have wheels?" offered a reason to walk through topics such as inheritance, interfaces, traits, dependency injection, and testing, with the downfall being that the question at hand went against the very primary topic of the talk. Again, reinforcing the idea of how these tools can be used for actual programming problems would be beneficial.

Chris was far from the only speaker to suffer from this during the event, but adjusting slides with code on them so that they CAN be visible to the entire audience should be a priority.

Overall, I thought this talk was very excellent and few small refinements would make it a must-see.