Serial legacy killer - My approach on going from legacy to modern


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Anonymous at 10:21 on 19 Apr 2015

I did not get what I had expected from the talk, it was basically how to convince your team that it is a good idea to refactor code - while there was some good points made in with regards to this, it would have been great to have some actual code examples or follow a few specific case studies, and also cover more techniques not just focusing primarily on convincing others its a good idea. The talk ran short and the speaker had a lot of 'fill in' words. While talking to a large group is very intimidating, the speaker did seem very nervous and stared at the ceiling a lot which was a bit distracting. Just keep practicing and it will get better!

Anonymous at 08:40 on 20 Apr 2015

Use of profanity was a uncalled for. I came to learn, not hear the f-bomb. Need to work on articulation and pronunciation as you're a little hard to understand. Summation of talk was, refactor legacy code and if your manager tells you 'Not now.' due to having higher priority projects, do it anyway.